Road to 10000

Dear Valued Santan Hyundai Customer:

To kick off our Hyundai sponsored Hope on Wheels campaign we are introducing our  Road to $10,000!

We at Santan Hyundai are teaming up with our loyal customers to set the bar for other dealers to get involved with this great, and noble cause. During the entire month of July Santan Hyundai will be donating: $10 For every vehicle sale that is made along with $1 for every service customer. We will also be matching our employee contributions. We are not asking for much, just a little bit your help. There will be Tax exemption forms at the reception desk if you need a record of the donation. Either the receptionist or any manager will be able to accept your contribution. There are also P.C.H.F. Jars located inside throughout the building.

Thanks again for you time and generosity!

Tom Scheurn
General Manager

Ethan's Story

It was a normal Saturday afternoon. But Kristine and Richard later wished that they had hugged their son goodbye when he left to spend the night at a friend's house. Thirty minutes later they got a phone call from the teen's cell phone that changed their lives It was a police officer. Ethan had been shot. One of the boys had seen a shotgun on the wall of the other boy's bedroom. Ethan walked through the door and was accidentally shot in his left hip. "I looked down and didn't see the hole through my leg yet," says Ethan "But with all of the blood I saw, I didn't think I was going to make it. The chance of living was very small."

Trauma surgeons were waiting for Ethan at Phoenix Children's. "I took one look at Ethan and I was very concerned." says Dr. Kathleen Graziano, pediatric surgeon. "He had massive blood loss at the scene. He was dying. It's amazing that he didn't die in the house that night." While doctors saved his life that night, they weren't sure they could save his leg. Ethan had lost a chunk of his femoral artery in his thigh. Over the next seven weeks, Ethan underwent 13 surgeries. Today, he not only has his leg, he's walking - and hopes to soon be skateboarding again. "It really is a miracle what they did," Kristine says. "Ethan would not have lived if it had been a different hospital.

Megan's Story

At the age of 16, Megan was just like any other high school student; she enjoyed hanging out with friends and loved the time she got to spend on the field as a competitive soccer player. One evening after a soccer game she was getting ready for the night with a girlfriend who happened to notice a lump on her neck. Megan had showed her mom who instantly knew whatever it was, it was not normal. Her mother immediately took her to the closest Emergency Room.

The ER staff had performed a CAT scan, and immediately put mom and daughter in an ambulance and sent them to Phoenix Children's Hospital. After undergoing numerous tests, Megan was faced with devastating news...a cancer diagnosis. Soon after her diagnosis she underwent chemotherapy treatment and had radiation. Megan has been in remission since 2009, and the vibrant 19-year-old volunteers her time at the hospital she says "saved her life".

How Your Support Helps

Phoenix Children's Hospital is one of the most respected pediatric medical facilities in the nation. As we grow our clinical programs, research capabilities, and continue to offer the most innovative treatments, it's also important that our patients feel at home here. That's why we offer programs and services that also help children heal emotionally. Many of these are funded solely through philanthropy and wouldn't exist without people like you. Our 1 Darn Cool School, Camps, Playrooms, Pet Therapy Program and Emily Center Family Health Library are just a few examples of the child-focused services we offer, and are made possible because of your generous support.
San Tan Hyundai Campaign

During the month of July, a donation from every car sold or serviced at San Tan Hyundai will benefit Phoenix Children's Hospital.
Thank you, San Tan Hyundai!